Severn / Brodny
Kennels, Inc.
Severn / Brodny Kennels Inc. is a State Licensed, State inspected  full service boarding kennel for dogs and cats.  We are members of Pet Care Services Association, formerly known as The American Boarding Kennel Association. 
Our services include the best care for your pet as well as full grooming .
Guest rates for dogs and cats are listed on "Contact Us" page.

Severn / Brodny Kennels, Inc. is open seven-day a week.
Monday through Saturday 8:30AM until 11:AM
and 2:00PM until 5:00PM
Sundays  9:00AM until 11:00AM
and 4:00PM until 5:00PM     
Major Holidays we are closed


Clean, spacious, light indoor units for dogs
We try to emulate your pets home routine and schedule but are aware that 'there is no place like home'.  Our kennels are climate controlled for everyones' comfort.

We make sure all dogs and cats are fed per the owner's request.....twice a day if that is routine and they are let out in the evenings to relieve themselves from 8:30PM until 9 PM and then offered bed-time cookies.

To make sure that all our guests are healthy we require proof of innoculations including kennel cough (boardetlla vaccination) and a signed copy of your dog or cat's rabies certificate.  Cats must be innoculated too and we do not board 'toms'.  We have a veterinarian on-call twenty-four hours for emergencies.

Payment is expected when your pet is picked-up.  We do not take credit cards at this time so cash or check is accepted.

Kennel Lobby
The Cattery
Covered Kennel Runs
A Feline Boarder, about to take a stroll